The primary purpose of this site is to present information on the Gunckel, Gunckle, Gunkle, and Kunkel descendents of a Johannes Gunckel who lived in Bethel Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania in the last half of the 1700’s. A secondary purpose is to collect information on descendents of other Gunckel, Gunckle, and Gunkle families that are not relatives of Johannes Gunckel. The documents shown here were updated in 2012. The updates were made to add more people and to add much more reference detail.

The most significant document relating to Johannes Gunckel is his will dated March 11, 1785 and proved on May 24, 1796 (Berks County Wills B.429 and 3.239). This will named his heirs as his wife, Margaret, and his children: John the eldest son, Jacob, Catherine wife of George Leonard Emmick, Michael, Anna Maria wife of Jacob Houtz, Daniel, Leonard, and Philip. As Leonard was deceased, his children, John and Catherine, were to receive his share.

Today, there are Gunckel and Gunckle descendents of his son Philip, his son Daniel, and his great-grandson Daniel N., who settled in the Germantown, Montgomery County, Ohio area. In addition, there are Gunkle descendents of his son Micheal who settled in Chester County, Pennsylvania, his grandson John (son of Leonard) who settled in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, and his great-grandson Michael (grandson of Jacob) who settled in Tippecanoe County, Indiana. There are also Kunkel descendents of his great-grandsons Aaron and John (grandsons of Leonard). As estimated 30% to 40% of the Gunckel, Gunckle, and Gunkle families in the United States are descendents of Johannes Gunckel.

This site presents information about Johannes Gunckel and his descendents in two documents and one GEDCOM file. One document contains historical information on Johannes, his family, and the Bethel Township area. The other document is a listing of the descendents of Johannes down to people born before about 1940. In many cases, information on later descendents is available and can be provided upon request. Also included are other Gunckel/Gunkle families of interest.

The two documents can be viewed in PDF or in WORD 2003 format by clicking on the words below (where the cursor changes into a hand). The PDF files need the Acrobat Reader. A free copy of the Acrobat Reader can be obtained at the download programs portion of the Adobe web site. A copy of the documents can be saved on your computer by using the FILE - SAVE AS menu option when viewing the document.

The descendant information has also been formatted into a GEDCOM file for compatibility with many genealogy software programs. The GEDCOM file can be viewed as a text (.txt) file by clicking of the words below. A copy of the GEDCOM file can be saved on your computer by using the FILE - SAVE AS menu option when viewing the file. (For technical reasons, once downloaded, the GEDCOM file must be renamed from eGunckel2012.txt to eGunckel2012.ged) Among others, the GEDCOM file can be loaded into the FamilySearch Personal Ancestral File (PAF) Version 5.2 genealogy software program. A free copy of PAF 5.2 can be obtained by going to the web site:, then clicking on the “Products” label in the lower right hand corner, then clicking on “English 5.2 Download”.

A copy of these documents and the GEDCOM file can be obtained on a CD by e-mailing with your name and address. If you include information on your ancestry, then a GEDCOM file specifically for family can be included. Corrections or additions to the information presented here will be appreciated.

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